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White Covered Artificial Christmas Tree Decorated For Christmas

White Covered Artificial Christmas Tree Decorated For Christmas

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Beautiful flocking pine needles,a lot of flocking with carefully crafted flocking snow, the eye-catching appearance on the Christmas tree makes people feel like they are in winter and enveloped by the snow world.
The abundance of pine needles makes the artificial Christmas tree look full, lifelike and lush.Because the hinge part is convenient, anyone can easily assemble the Christmas tree. It can still be disassembled to save space, allowing you to make the most of it year after year. In addition, the sturdy metal base keeps the tree as stable as possible.


  • Upright fixed tree frame,It is equipped with an ultra-sturdy iron frame designed to keep the Christmas tree upright throughout the season. Compared with plastic stents, metal stents are superior in all respects in terms of durability or stability.
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