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Moisture Resistan Christmas Multi-Use Storage

Moisture Resistan Christmas Multi-Use Storage

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Whether it's dinner plates, flatware, or wine glasses, they must be dealt with with the utmost care and precaution both when setting them and definitely when storing them. This firm and solid plate box will hold and guard your collection of dinner plates taking into account its fragility and significance. Box includes a pair of rivet-enforced handles to ease in the transference and a lid to safeguard your contents. A clear PVC plastic supports the efficiency of getting a quick glance at the interior. And let’s not forget about the lid. It shields against dust, mites, and spiders. Is it a family heirloom, valuable gift, or priceless antique, your dinnerware is ensured a safe-haven during the storage season.


  • The lid will restrict any type of bugs, dust, or mites from gaining entry having your dinnerware shimmering and ready to be set on the table
  • Perspective: for the instant ID of the type, color, or style of plates kept inside, a PVC plastic runs across the front of the box to save you the trouble of retrieving it from the shelf to get a peek
  • Simple transfer: for up and down the stairs or from the garage to the dining area, the box includes a pair of hefty-stitched handgrips for the simplest of carriage
  • The dinnerware storage box accommodates a number of dinner soup plates. Includes felt fabric to individualize them so they remain chip-free and in prestigious condition. Also has a clear window, a strong lid, and a pair of rivet-enforced handgrips
  • Rigidity: a collapsible box is constructed of lightweight and breathable non-woven fabric. Thick cardboard is instilled in the base, sides, and lid for stability and structure. Dimensions: 8” x 8” x 7.5”
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