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DIY Adult Cardinal Bird Full Diamond Rhinestone Mosaic Gem Art

DIY Adult Cardinal Bird Full Diamond Rhinestone Mosaic Gem Art

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  • ❤We take use of the man-made diamonds setting skills, increase of efficiency and eyes protection.And the diamond painting is easier, more beautiful.Used for interior decoration, meticulous workmanship, simple and generous,can fully show personal style.
  • ❤All the styles here are partially covered with diamonds.On the one hand, our designers consider that some pictures are not really suitable for designing full-drilling works, so they are designed to be partially covered with diamonds, but fully embody the multi-dimensional sense of the whole picture.This is also an easy experience for beginners.
  • ➤➤Funny Art Craft - Finishing a DIY diamond painting is not subject to any restrictions, suitable for beginners,children, and adults. during this process, you can reduce stress, relaxing time,enhance self-confidence and cultivate patience,and finally, you can feel the pride and sense of accomplishment of the finished diamond can also complete this artwork with your child,enhance a bonds between your families, Also,you can takt it as a gift to your friends,it will be very memorable.


  • Material: Resin
  • Pasting Area: Full
  • Number of Colors: 1-30
  • Frame: No
  • Diamond:: Square/Round
  • Fabric Type:: Canvas
  • Tools:: Pen Glue Plastic Plate Spare glue
  • The Number Of Drills:: More Than 30%

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