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Large Christmas Tree Storage

Large Christmas Tree Storage

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Having an enormous tree can be a blessing and a curse. Large artificial trees are a beautiful source of awe and light during Christmas time. Storing the tree, however, is a frustrating and daunting task. Your two options are using the cardboard box it came in or wrapping it up in plastic.
Cardboard boxes are flimsy and hard to carry when full. Wrapping your tree up in plastic does not protect it from disfiguration or damage. The expandable tree storage dolly is the sturdy long-term solution you’ve been dreaming of. This bag means business, just like you when you were buying a large tree. It can easily support the weight of a large artificial tree on its metal frame. Moving that tree will go smoothly on the ball-bearing wheels and their metal casters. These wheels help you easily push the dolly from the living room into its corner of storage space.
You can store the tree safely laying it down or upright on its wheels to save space around the dolly. Being able to slide the tree around on wheels means storing your tree may be a task that can be completed solo. All you’ll need to do is disassemble your tree and place it in the bag before sliding it into storage. If your tree is extra-large, simply unzip the expandable top of the bag to fit artificial Christmas trees up to 12 feet tall. After loading the tree wrap the compression straps around the branches and pull on the strap to tighten it. Save yourself some stress this year from the daunting task of storing your enormous tree with this durable polyester fabric bag.

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  • Storage Features: Rolling; Self Standing; Moisture Resistant; Zipper Closure; Reinforced Handles
  • Product Color: Red
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