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Durable Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Durable Christmas Tree Storage Bag

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After buying an artificial tree and unboxing it, you would think you could reuse its box for storing the tree at the end of the season. However, you soon experience the less than ideal results of attempting to fit the now fluffed tree back into the flimsy cardboard box. You probably have many a memory of a bulging box covered in tape leaving a trail of artificial pine needles leading to the basement. Make tree storage clean and simple with the big wheel duffel bag.
This bag fits most trees 6-9 ft. Tall keeping the tree protected through the seasons. No tape is needed to fit the trees inside of the bag as there are built-in compression straps to tighten around the tree making it a better fit. Fitting the three pieces into the bag is made even easier with the large u-shaped zipper opening.
To ensure the durability of the bag while transporting the tree, the handles are reinforced and padded. Full Christmas tree boxes often need two or three people to carry safely. You’ll be able to move the bag into storage by yourself, thanks to the oversized wheels that keep the bag elevated and easy to roll. The angle on the bag near the wheels further prevents dragging and wearing while the bag is tilted up for rolling. Save your tape and forget saving the flimsy cardboard box this year for your tree.

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  • Storage Features: Rolling; Moisture Resistant; Zipper Closure; Reinforced Handles
  • Product Color: Green
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