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Zipper Style Christmas Gift Wrap Storage Bag

Zipper Style Christmas Gift Wrap Storage Bag

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SAVE TIME & WRAP ANY GIFT BETTER: Imagine being able to use the entire roll of wrapping paper with less waste because it was already torn or ripped at the edges. Our wrapping paper storage bag's zipper extends the entire length of the Christmas storage organizer - fully open the lid to easily find what you need. This is great for you because your wrapping paper will be protected against damage and dust. So now you can stop throwing the paper to the back of the closet

STURY & DURABLE! HELPS PRESERVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR GIFT WRAP: The problem with other Christmas Storage Organizers is that the handles pull out, unravel and easily break. Our wrapping paper storage solves that problem! Why? That's because our Christmas Storage Organizer is made a from a high-quality durable material which means that it will last longer season after season. Never suffer from handles breaking again!


ORGANIZE ALL YOUR HOLIDAY WRAPPING SUPPLIES IN ONE CONTAINER: If you've been looking for a place to store all of your holiday supplies after the holidays or someplace to store any extra birthday present wrapping accessories then your search is over! This gift wrap organizer has two deep pockets and plenty of space for your ribbons, tools, and tape which means that you can store your holiday wrapping supplies neatly and conveniently all-in-one place.


PERFECT TO STORE UNDER ANY BED: Our gift wrap storage organizer measures 41 ¼” x 14 ¼” x 5 ½” which means that you can fit 40" rolls of wrapping paper and features an adjustable divider to store your ribbon. Conveniently stores out of the way and under any bed to save space! What that means to you is that you keep more organized and that ultimately means is it saves you time wrapping gifts quickly and efficiently

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