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Large Christmas Gift Wrap Storage Bag

Large Christmas Gift Wrap Storage Bag

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After Christmas time there is often an internal debate on what to do with all your remaining wrapping paper. As the tall rolls do not fit in most drawers or storage containers it’s complicated keeping the rolls together, safe from damage, and in a space-efficient location. By next Christmas time your wrapping paper will be lost, damaged, or forgotten leading you to buy new paper again. This Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage Bag eliminates the hassle of storing your wrapping paper and the need to buy new paper every year. This durable bag can fit approximately twelve 40 in. wrapping rolls and is easily carried with the reinforced carrying handles. The bag can be discreetly hung out of the way on the back of a door. The clear windows will give you a quick view of what remaining Christmas or Birthday wrapping paper you have left. What’s present wrapping without some bows and ribbons? The storage bag comes with an easily removed and attached toolbox for tape, scissors, ribbons and other items. Save yourself the trouble of finding a discrete storage place to keep your wrapping paper rolls from damage. This bag will keep them safe and clean all year round saving you from the extra trip to buy new wrapping paper every year.


  • Removable toolbox to store ribbon, scissors, tape, and more
  • Discreetly hangs for storage on back of doors
  • Reinforced carrying handles
  • Durable, Wipe-Clean Polyester Fabric
  • Clear windows for easy visibility

Product Details

  • Storage Features: Hanging; Moisture Resistant; Zipper Closure; Reinforced Handles
  • Product Color: Red
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