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New Christmas Tree Storage Bag

New Christmas Tree Storage Bag

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You’re familiar with the frustrating chore of fitting your Christmas tree back into its box for storage. After a few years, you’ll have more tape than box left. Something else that becomes apparent with the growing number of loose pine needles, is that cramming your Christmas tree into a small box shortens its life span. The Extra Large Tree Storage bag is the long term solution for safely storing your tree. The bag fits most artificial trees up to 9 feet. The well-reinforced handles can manage the bag even after filling it to the brim with your tree and other items. Once in storage, to help you quickly identify its contents, the bag has a clear pouch to place ID tags listing what is inside. The bag’s durable Polyester Fabric will keep it safe from the elements and insects while in storage. Its extra large size will prevent any cramming or deformation. Because of the fabric and size, the bag will last for years to come and ensures that your tree will as well.


  • Reinforced carrying handles
  • Durable, Wipe-Clean Polyester Fabric
  • ID tag window for easy identification

Product Details

  • Storage Features: Moisture Resistant; Zipper Closure; Reinforced Handles
  • Product Color: Red
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