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Christmas Ornament Storage

Christmas Ornament Storage

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Wrapping your precious ornaments in newspaper and piling them in a plastic bin for storage is a recipe for disaster. If not properly cared for, your irreplaceable ornaments will either be crushed or be discolored by the acid found in the very paper wrapped them in for protection. We understand it’s hard to store all your ornaments in one place while keeping them from breaking, especially the odd-shaped ones. That’s why we designed this Adjustable tray ornament storage bag. The Adjustable Tray Ornament Storage Bag holds up to 48 ornaments that are 6 in. tall, by nearly any width and length, thanks to the adjustable dividers in each tray. Both of the acid-free trays are lined with plush velor fabric that hang from the adjustable rods, creating air cushions that keep your ornaments well protected again bumping into each other. Each ornament storage tray is completely removable for easy decorating around the tree. The sturdy outer bag features a self-standing steel frame, padded handles, and an extra front storage pocket. Protect your irreplaceable ornaments to ensure a lifetime of use.


  • Adjustable dividers allow for almost any sized ornament
  • 2 Removable trays
  • Acid-free for fabric lining prevents ornament discoloration
  • Self-standing, protective metal frame
  • Front pocket for extra storage
  • Fabric hangs from divider rods providing a natural “air cushion” protection

Product Details

  • Storage Features: Self Standing; Moisture Resistant; Zipper Closure; Reinforced Handles; Dividers
  • Product Color: Green
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