Nordic Green Artificial Christmas Tree with 50 Clear Lights

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Looking for the best Christmas tree to celebrate your holiday? We have a new one! From its glitter-tipped branches to its bright lights and snow powdered pine cones, our tree perfectly captures the charm of Christmas. Featuring a gorgeous mix of pine and fir needles, this tree is finished with natural-looking tips and hinged branches for all of your ornaments. Please note that this accessory is intended for indoor use only.


You can choose between an unlit tree and a pre-lit tree that uses regular string lights. Our unlit tree allows a blank canvas for you to build upon while our string light option comes in both clear and multi-color to offer a more traditional look. Our tree comes with a pile stand, ensuring that your tree will remain stable and anchored when in use. This is finished with softness to prevent any scrapes or nicks on your floor.


Inspire holiday cheer in your home, office, holiday party, and more with a Christmas tree that helps make the season feel complete; equipped with sturdy branches, strong enough to hold garland and all your favorite ornaments for a customized look.  Fully fluff the branches to provide a healthy, natural appearance, with the tree containing bushy tips.

Key Features:

  • Our Christmas tree features remarkable realism
  • Pre-lit with fifty warm white LED lights
  • Battery operated with integrated six hours
  • Features hundreds of individually crafted branch tips
  • The tree is designed to look and feel lifelike
  • Offers an easier, more convenient setup


  • Foliage Lushness: Lush
  • Tree Family: Spruce
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Light Tone: Warm Lights
  • Light Functions: Steady/Constant
  • Branch Tip Count: 363

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